Wednesday, 6 November 2013

The Pink Egg

A lot of you may have heard about the +Beautyblender but thought, what could possibly be SO special about a sponge that would make me want to spend $20 on it? Well, you can use this for up to four months, so that $20 goes a long way. This is not your average "sponge", it is non-latex and super soft. The beauty blender cuts your application time in half. It will give you a very even, dewy, streak-free look effortlessly! All you really have to do is dab away with zero complications. It is most effective when damp, just run it under warm water and squeeze the extras out. This is an egg shaped sponge, use the pointy top to really get in those hard to reach areas and the bottom to bounce on your face. Just make sure to wash it after every 2-3 uses, you can either purchase the cleanser or use baby shampoo.